Grumpy O Sheep is a crazy duo
Hailing from the Belfort region (France), this unusual duo blend the colours of Irish melodies imbued with peat, whisky and beer with the frenzied rhythms of Spanish guitar, all in a resolutely rock interpretation.

After an involuntary break of a few months (from December 2022 to July 2023), due to an unexpected bout of cancer, they hit the road again in August 2023, determined to make up for lost time.

Since 2020, they have been touring all over France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, etc.

They returned to the studio in October 2021 to record their 2nd album, released in February, with which they toured Europe in 2022.

In September 2022, they shot a second video clip from their second album, which was released in February 2023.


Already known as the ‘Irish Rodrigo y Gabriela’, they have been featured at numerous festivals and on many radio stations, including Calkoat in Canada, Irish pub radio in Ireland, Paddy rock in the USA and the famous Dutch radio station Celtkast, which said of their first album: “If you want to bring home the fun of Irish music, the energy of Spanish guitar and the Joie la Vivre of the French, with the dynamism that only two truly talented young musicians can bring, free-spirited and undisturbed by rules, then East of Talisker is the album to get. Grumpy O Sheep is a duo of artists, performers, theatre people and buskers all rolled into one, and I loved every note of it. Long live Grumpy O ‘Sheep!”





New album 2022



Tour dates


10/07 Place du marché / 56 St Gildas de Rhuys 
11/07 Jean Gesté café / 49 Gesté
12/07 Place centrale / 28 Nogent le Rotrou
13/07 La casa de la baine/ 17 Chanier
16/07 Tara Inn / 29 Brest
17/07 Le Furibard / 56 Sarzeau
18/07 La Boutik /29 Tregunc
19/07 Les vendredis au verger /56 St Gildas de Rhuys
22/07 BZZZT CAFE /29 Plouguerneau
26/07 Arbois/39 Arbois
27/07 Le Fayolan /39 Clervaux les lacs
02/08 The long way / 54 Longwy
03/08 Les 5 à 7 /01 Montmerle sur Saone
08/08 Festival spectacles du monde /70 Port sur Saone
09/08 Les Terrasses / 71 Digoin
10/08 apéro concert / 39 Poligny
11/08 Festival"St Bonnet le Show" / 43 St Bonnet le froid
23/08 Cour du château /21 Auxonne
24/08 Caveau /54  Chaligny
25/08 Caveau/ 54 Beaumartin les touls
27/08 La Renouée/ 23 Gentoux
28/08 Snack du plan d'eau / 63 Lapeyrouse
30/08 La minute Blonde /85 fontenay le comte
31/08 Les Escales Musicales/ 86 Les ormes
07/09 La ferme / Enghien BE
8/09 les fêtes médiévales/ Braine le chateau BE
13/09 Foyer Georges Brassens / 90 Beaucourt
20/09 Pub O Brian's /18 Bourges
21/09 Festival "Voyage en guitare" /37 Chinon
22/09 près la rose /25 Montbéliard
26/09 Parvis du Théatre/ 78 St Germain en Lay
28/09 Doctor beer/77 Melun
11/10 Café du midi / 69 Bessenay
12/10 Faîtes de la mousse / 83 Sollies-toucas
19/10 Mac Laren'Pub/01 Bourg en Bresse
02/11 Salle de l'Espée/88 Charmes
08/11 Centre culturel "la ferme" /74 Argonay
15/11 PQP / 24 Bergerac


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